Where is Jarrah grown in Australia?

Jarrah trees grow on the iron and aluminium rich plains of south-western corner of Western Australia, from the ranges east of Perth down to Albany. They are slow growing, their roots often reaching to great depths in search of nutrients and water.

Is Jarrah wood expensive?

Pricing/Availability: Jarrah is a widely distributed timber throughout southwest Australia, and prices for local lumber should be moderate. Prices for imported Jarrah tends to be in the mid range for exotic lumber. Curly pieces, or burl block are likely to be much more expensive.

What is the scientific name for Jarrah?

Eucalyptus marginata

How long does it take for a jarrah tree to mature?

When only trees with above average increments are considered, 70 cm diameter would be attained after 250 years in high quality forest and 310 years in low quality forest. If only the 25% of the trees with the greatest increments are considered, these figures would be 200 and 250 years respectively.

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Is Jarrah a plantation timber?

We make sure that the Jarrah used by our woodworkers is either recycled, salvage or plantation timber and does not threaten old growth forest or rehabilitation programs.

Do termites eat Jarrah?

Termites are happy to eat any type of timber although some wood species are more resistant to termites. These include Jarrah, River Red Gum, Spotted Gum and Red Mahogany to name a few. … Termites damage is not just isolated to timber, they can damage other building construction materials in their search for food.

How much does Jarrah wood cost?

In terms of the species you choose, standard-grade Jarrah can cost approximately 20-25 percent more than a more readily available timber like Blackbutt or Tasmanian Oak. For individual species, expect to pay: $65 per square metre for Blackbutt. $72 per square metre for Jarrah.

Is Jarrah native to Australia?

Eucalyptus marginata, commonly known as jarrah, djarraly in Noongar language and historically as Swan River mahogany, is a plant in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia.

What does the name Jarrah mean?

Jarrah as a boy’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jarrah is “God gives sweetness or honey”. … Related Baby Names Lists.

Where is Jarrah used?

Jarrah has a history of use in engineering applications such as wharf and bridge construction, railway sleepers, cross-arms, piles, and for road bases. Its structural applications include posts and poles, framing, flooring, lining, decking and cladding.

What does Jarrah tree look like?

The Jarrah, Eucalyptus marginata, has a dark, stringy bark while the Marri, Corymbia calophylla, has rough, splotchy, tessellated bark and often present with a dark sap oozing from the trunk. … The Jarrah has small, rounded gumnuts, while the Marri has large, urn shaped nuts, called ‘honky nuts’ in Western Australia.

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How often do Jarrah trees flower?

When it is in full flower, it is simply magnificent. The flowers are carried on the tips of the branches and the whole tree can be covered in beautiful creamy flowers. Jarrah generally flowers every two years, usually from December through to January in the early summer.

How long does it take for a karri tree to grow?

In the first five years, the young Karri trees can reach a height of 10 metres, and they grow very close together.

Which plantation timbers are available in Australia?

Australia’s industrial plantations comprise both softwood species (predominantly radiata pine, Pinus radiata) and hardwood species (most commonly blue gum, Eucalyptus globulus). Their primary purpose is commercial wood production, and they produce most of the volume of logs harvested annually in Australia.

Is Jarrah good for outdoor furniture?

Jarrah is also a popular choice for construction, and is used in general house framing, decking, flooring, linings, joinery and fencing. Due to its striking colouring and attractive grain, it is often used to create turned objects, cabinets, parquetry and outdoor furniture.

Where is the Jarrah forest located?

Jarrah Forest is an interim Australian bioregion located in Western Australia. The Jarrah Forest comprises reserves across the south-west corner of WA and is managed for uses including recreation.

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