Which channel is MasterChef Australia on in India?

Masterchef Australia is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India.

Where can I watch MasterChef Australia Season 12 in India?

So no wonder MasterChef is in its 12th season. Aussies can watch MasterChef Australia on Network 10, or stream it on 10Play. The only problem is that they have to be inside the country. Kiwi fans can watch it online via TVNZ OnDemand, while people in India, Canada, the US, and the UK can stream it on Hotstar.

Which channel does MasterChef India come on?

MasterChef India 2019 Starting Date / Repeat Telecast Timings

Show name MasterChef India 6 (2019-2020)
Channel Star Plus and Hotstar App
Produced By EndemolShine India
Starting date 7th December 2019
Telecast Time Sat-Sun at 9:30 PM

Is MasterChef Australia coming back in 2020?

Masterchef Australia returns in 2020 for its 12th season with a returning cast of contestants and sponsors, but completely new judges. … It isn’t just the contestants returning in 2020. A number of sponsors have come back for the 12th season, including Bulla.

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Is MasterChef Australia on Hotstar?

Watch All Seasons of MasterChef Australia on Disney+ Hotstar.

How can I watch MasterChef Australia back to win India?

Masterchef Australia: Back to Win is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Who won MasterChef 2020 Australia?

SPOILER ALERT. After a long service challenge where Laura and Emelia gave it their all, it was Emelia who walked away as the winner of MasterChef Australia 2020. This year, the finale saw a service challenge where the contestants had to prepare a three-course meal for the judges as well as the contestants of the season …

Who won MasterChef 2020 in India?

MasterChef India 6: Abinas Nayak declared winner, with Oindrila Bala as runner-up. 27-year-old Abinas Nayak, who hails from Odisha, wins MasterChef India 6 and took home a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh. Abinas Nayak on Saturday emerged as the winner of MasterChef India season six, reports Indian Express.

Who won MasterChef India 2020?

Abinas Nayak, an IT Analyst from Odisha was declared as the winner on 1 March 2020, with Oindrila Bala of West Bengal being the runner-up.

Are MasterChef contestants paid?

Well, as it turns out, it seems there really isn’t. Yep, reports on the show have revealed that contestants are actually only paid slightly more than the legal minimum wage.

What is George from MasterChef doing now?

On Monday, it was announced that George Calombaris had put his restaurant empire into voluntary administration. KordaMentha, an advisory and investment firm, has been appointed as administrators of 22 companies in Calombaris’ Made Establishment group.

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Who is the most successful MasterChef Australia winner?

Diana Chan, season nine winner.

Diana narrowly beat current MasterChef 2020 contestant Ben Ungermann to take out the MasterChef title in 2017. Since then, she’s forged a successful career in the Aussie food industry.

Who are the new MasterChef judges Australia 2020?

MasterChef Australia’s 2020 hosts will be Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo. Former hosts Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris left the show in July. 2020 will be the show’s 12th season.

Why did Ben leave MasterChef Australia?

The MasterChef judges announced that Ben Ungermann had left the show due to a “personal matter”. All reference to MasterChef contestant Ben Ungermann appears to have been removed from the website for his family’s ice cream business after sexual assault allegations against him recently came to light.

Where can I watch Junior MasterChef Australia 2020?

Disney+ Hotstar Premium to stream Junior MasterChef Australia 2020.

Where can I watch Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 India?

Junior Masterchef Australia 2020 is back with its latest season on Disney+Hotstar Premium.

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