Who has won the most men’s Australian Open?

The inclusion of professional tennis players in 1969 marked the competition’s entry into the Open Era, in which Novak Djokovic (2008, 2011–2013, 2015–2016, 2019–2021) holds the record for most titles with nine.

Who has won the most Australian Open men’s titles?

Djokovic, who has won all eight Australian Open finals he has previously contested, is transparent in his strong desire to overtake 20-time Grand Slam champions Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the top of the men’s all-time leaderboard.

Has Djokovic ever lost an Australian Open final?

He Has Never Lost An Australian Open Final

Djokovic reached his first Grand Slam championship match at Melbourne Park in 2008, and he has never lost a final inside Rod Laver Arena. The Serbian is 8-0 in Australian Open finals, with only two of those clashes going to five sets.

Which Australian has won the most Grand Slams?


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No. Player Total
1 Norman Brookes 3
2 Gerald Patterson 3
3 Margaret Mutch 2
4 Sylvia Lance 1

Which male tennis player has won the most titles?

Legendary Swiss tennis player Roger Federer tops the list of the most Grand Slam tennis titles won of all time by professional male tennis players.

Who won the Australian Open 2021?

2021 Australian Open: Naomi Osaka wins 4th Grand Slam.

Who won Australian Open 2020?

A defiant Novak Djokovic claimed an unprecedented eighth Australian Open men’s singles title with a typically tenacious 6-4 4-6 2-6 6-3 6-4 triumph against Dominic Thiem on Sunday night to defend his title.

Is Roger Federer playing in the Australian Open 2021?

Australian Open 2021: Why isn’t Roger Federer playing at the Australian open? Roger Federer decided to miss the Australian Open because wife Mirka opposed having to spend a full fortnight in quarantine, a leading official has claimed.

Who has beaten Djokovic the most?

Djokovic–Nadal rivalry

  • The Djokovic–Nadal rivalry is a modern-day tennis rivalry between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, two of the greatest tennis players of all time. …
  • The two have faced each other 56 times with Djokovic leading 29–27. …
  • Of their 56 matches, 27 have been on hard courts, 25 have been on clay, and 4 have been on grass.

Has anyone ever won all 4 Grand Slams in one year?

In terms of the current four majors, the first to win all four in a single year was Don Budge, who completed the feat in 1938. To date, 17 players have completed a Grand Slam, though only six in the most prestigious singles titles.

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Who is the greatest men’s tennis player of all time?

1. Roger Federer. The greatest male tennis player of all time is Roger Federer. He holds the joint-record for the most grand slams in history and has consistently dominated the court since he turned pro in 1998.

Who has been number 1 in tennis the longest?

Djokovic Becomes Second Player To Reach 300 Weeks At No. 1

No. 1 Player Total Weeks Longest Streak
1) Roger Federer 310 237 weeks
2) Novak Djokovic 300 122 weeks
3) Pete Sampras 286 102 weeks
4) Ivan Lendl 270 157 weeks

Who has won Wimbledon the most?

In the Open Era, since the inclusion of professional tennis players in 1968, Roger Federer (2003–2007, 2009, 2012, 2017) holds the record for the most Gentlemen’s Singles titles with eight. Björn Borg (1976–1980) and Roger Federer (2003–2007) share the record for most consecutive victories with five.

Who is the only player with more Olympic medals than Serena Williams?

1: Venus Williams

When it comes to the Olympics, she’s got it: Venus is the only player in the Open Era, male or female, to own five Olympic medals. Like Serena, she has four golds, winning the singles and doubles in Sydney in 2000, as well as the doubles in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012.

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