You asked: Do you need a license for a bow and arrow in Australia?

There is no licencing requirements or anything in that regard bows and arrows. You should not have any problems bringing your bow and equipment into Australia. … All Australian States except Tasmania allow bowhunting. There is crown land hunting in New South Wales under a licence arrangement.

A Compound Bow is not a prohibited weapon and you do not require a licence or permit to own one. Depending on how you intend to use the bow, you may wish to contact: Archery Australia – for target shooting (

Do you need a license to own a bow and arrow?

No license required to simply own/buy a bow.

Is owning a bow and arrow illegal?

Bows do not require a license to own or use, but there has to be a legitimate reason to own and use one.

Can I own a bow and arrow?

California Archery Laws and Regulations. It seems that bows of all types are legal In California, but there is no rule stating that localities cannot pass harsher rules than the state, therefore it is possible that municipal and county rules may exist.

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Can I practice archery in my backyard?

Generally, yes you can practice archery in your backyard. Some counties will require your backyard range be inspected by an ordinance officer who will issue a permit if your range is deemed safe. Other counties do not allow archery practice within city limits.

To our knowledge, buying and owning a compound bow is currently legal in Australia. People may use them within the confines of the laws governing their state, but keep in mind that you must also respect the laws related to carrying and the transportation of your bow in your state.

What is a female archer called?

What is a Female Archer Called? The word “archeress” is included in many modern dictionaries. While the word is defined as “a female archer,” most modern women who participate in archery call themselves archers.

Can you learn archery by yourself?

You can learn how to do archery on your own, but there are some things that you should be aware of if you want to master the craft or take part in competitions. Repetition is essential in archery, and if you teach yourself lousy form, it will be hard to unlearn those bad habits to help yourself shoot more consistently.

Does a bow count as a firearm?

RE: Is a bow considered a firearm? A bow is not a firearm nor a gun. Both of those words are used to define a weapon with a metal tube from which a projectile is discharged by the explosion of gunpowder.

Can you shoot a deer with a bow in your backyard?

Can I hunt deer in my backyard? You can hunt deer as permitted by law from a safe location. That often at least means that you must be more than 500 feet from an occupied building (without owner permission), not shooting across a road, and are sure of your target and what will be happening behind it.

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Can a crossbow be used for self defense?

A crossbow won’t have the same range as a firearm, which is a disadvantage when using it for self-defense and for hunting. … You can shoot a much longer range with a firearm than you can with a cross bow. Having said that, statistically, most gunfire happens within the range a crossbow can comfortably handle.

Can a crossbow kill a human?

Can a crossbow kill a human? Yes. Much of the lethality comes from the kind of bolt used and the kind of point used.

The legal landscape

Compound bow laws nsw, the bow is not secured under the Prohibited Weapons Act. However different acts impact on its utilization. Like the Criminal Code, Game and Feral Animal Control Act.

Is a bow a weapon?

A bow is a weapon used to shoot arrows. It is used in hunting, sport, and a long time ago, war. Using a bow is called archery. A person who uses a bow is an archer and a person who makes bows is a bowyer.


Bow, includes long bow, recurve or compound bow.

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