You asked: What are the three largest superannuation funds in Australia?

Rank Super fund Total assets ($ billions)
1 AustralianSuper 191.42
2 Aware Super 126.45
3 QSuper 120.31

What are the top 5 super funds in Australia?

Best and worst performing growth super funds

  • Unisuper – Sustainable Balanced. 7.5% …
  • Australian Super – Balanced. 7.4% …
  • Macquarie – Macquarie OneChoice. 7.3% …
  • Unisuper – Balanced. 7.3% …
  • AON – smartMonday MySuper – Age 45. 7.0% …
  • IOOF – MultiMix Balanced Growth. 6.8% …
  • Fiducian – Balanced Fund. 6.6% …
  • Future Super – Balanced Impact. 6.6%

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What are the top 10 super funds in Australia?

Best performing super funds

Super fund Investment option 10 yr return (% per yr)
AustralianSuper Balanced 9.0%
Cbus Growth (Cbus MySuper) 8.9%
Hostplus Balanced 8.8%
CareSuper Balanced 8.5%

What are the top 10 super funds?

Top 10 Balanced investment options (super funds): 10 years to December 2020

Super fund Investment option Return (% per yr)
TelstraSuper Defensive Growth 7.8%
AustralianSuper Conservative Balanced 7.7%
Vision Super Balanced 7.6%
Hostplus Conservative Balanced 7.2%
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Which super fund has the most members?

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Rank Fund name Total number of member accounts
1 AustralianSuper 2,155,463
2 QSuper 588,434
3 First State Superannuation Scheme 861,118
4 Public Sector Superannuation Scheme 223,147

What’s the best super fund in Australia?

AustralianSuper has been named as one of the best performing super funds by leading independent agency SuperRatings for both superannuation and account-based pension members.

What is the average return on superannuation in Australia?

Over the past 28 years, Growth funds have returned 8.1% per year on average and the CPI has averaged 2.4% per year, giving a real return of 5.7%.

Super fund performance: Calendar years (1993 to 2020)

Calendar year Return (%)
2018 0.8%
2017 10.8%
2016 7.5%
2015 5.7%

What are the biggest super funds in Australia?

10 largest super funds – by assets

Rank Super fund Total assets ($ billions)
1 AustralianSuper 191.42
2 Aware Super 126.45
3 QSuper 120.31
4 Public Sector Superannuation Scheme 87.29

What Super does Barefoot Investor recommend?

What is the best super fund in Australia 2020? The Barefoot Investor suggests Hostplus, Rest, VisionSuper, AustralianSuper and SunSuper as the best super funds in Australia in 2020.

Which Super Fund has lowest fees?

10 cheapest pension funds (balanced investment option)

Rank Fund name Fees
1 REST $378
2 Hostplus $384
3 Media Super $540
4 NGS Super $540

Is Catholic Super a good fund?

Catholic Super, a member owned fund, has snared a top customer satisfaction award just weeks after winning first place for financial performance. The fund has been ranked number one in the Roy Morgan 2018 Customer Satisfaction Award for Industry Superannuation Fund of The Year.

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Is it good to invest in superannuation?

The most noteworthy benefit of investing in superannuation is its tax-effective environment. … Super is usually invested amongst all investment types (property, bonds, cash, etc), meaning it is generally well-diversified and has less risk than shares alone.

Is it a good time to change super funds?

Is it the right time to switch super funds? If you’re not retiring soon (within the next five years), the general consensus among industry experts is to leave your super invested in the share market rather than switching to a lower-risk cash option.

How do I choose a super fund in Australia?

Most people can choose which super fund they’d like their super contributions paid into. You can go with your employer’s fund or choose your own. To find out if you can choose your super fund, check with your employer. Your employer will give you a ‘standard choice form’ when you start a new job.

How much is Australian Super worth?

As of 30 June 2018, Australians have AU$2.7 trillion in superannuation assets, making Australia the 4th largest holder of pension fund assets in the world. As of 30 June 2019, the balance is AU$2.9 trillion.

Can I buy shares with my super?

A SMSF can invest in direct shares, however purchases must be made on the stock exchange through a broker or online service. Shares can no longer be purchased from members by way of an off-market transfer.

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