Best answer: Is it illegal to photocopy a driver’s license in Australia?

Read More: What is the penalty for driving without a licence? CarsGuide sought legal advice on the issue and was told that while there is no offence for purely photocopying your driver’s licence, a copy is of no use if you a required to produce your licence. … You can, however, have your photocopy certified.

Can my employer ask for a copy of my drivers license Australia?

Under the law, you should not scan, copy or email a customer’s driver’s licence if having an employee or representative sight it would be sufficient.

Is photocopying ID illegal?

Yes, but they must comply with all the requirements of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIP Act). Some NSW public sector agencies may be exempt from the Act. They should tell you if this is the case and explain why they are exempt.

The story goes that much like paper money, a passport is a federal document that you cannot photocopy without risking a federal felony. The U.S. Department of State recommends that travelers have a photocopy of their passport information before going to international destinations.

Why do employers ask for driver’s license?

The form essentially serves as verification that workers are eligible for employment in the United States. A potential employer may photocopy your driver’s license to ensure you have the proper documentation to complete the I-9, although other forms of identification can serve as verification of employment eligibility.

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Can you be fired for discussing salary Australia?

If your contract doesn’t allow you to discuss salary with your co-workers, then you legally are bound by that agreement. That means if you try to negotiate a raise and mention you are being paid less than a co-worker in a similar role, you can get yourself and your co-worker in trouble, or even fired.

Why do hotels copy your ID?

This practice isn’t limited to Best Western — many hotels throughout the country now ask to make a copy of a driver’s license at check-in, says Joe McInerney, of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. “They want to make sure the person on that reservation is the person who is staying there,” he says.

What happens when an ID is scanned?

While some people may think drivers license scanners just scan to ensure it’s a real ID or verify their age, it actually pulls up all of the information stored on the card. This information may include the person’s address, date of birth, height, eye color, and sometimes even Social Security number.

What can someone do with a picture of your license?

Combined with your social security number and some other information, it could be used to steal your identity. Your license contains your full name, address, and driver license number. This could be used when creating a fake ID that can be faxed or emailed to a lender as “proof” that the identity thief is you.

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