How do I ship a guitar to Australia?

In my experience shipping internationally, FedEx is universally the best choice. Also, I have a friend who is a vintage dealer in Perth who says FedEx is by far the superior choice for shipping guitars into Australia. They are the most attentive there and broker customs the best.

How much does it cost to ship a guitar to Australia?

We’ve shipped dozens and dozens of guitars to Australia using every carrier available, and it has never cost us less than $300 from California, regardless of value. The average cost is more like $350.

Can I send a guitar through Australia Post?

Australia post won’t accept any package over 105cm long anymore. … I’ve tried at 5 different post offices and been knocked back every time (once it was for a guitar package that was just 2cm too long). Aust Post also won’t accept anything over 22kg. Smartsend will.

How much does it cost to send a guitar in the post?

The cost of shipping a guitar will depend on its packaged dimensions, which service you choose to use and where you are sending it, but it can be as little as £8.95* vat with TNT.

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What is the cheapest way to ship a guitar?

Find a Taylor or Martin box from a guitar store (usually free) and ship USPS Parcel Post – shouldn’t be more than $20 to $30 plus insurance. FedEx Home Delivery is usually around $35 to $45 with insurance, unless you’re going all the way across the country. If so, USPS Parcel Post is probably your best bet.

Is shipping a guitar safe?

If you are buying it through a retailer, like Sweetwater or a similar company, then it is 99.9% safe. They have been shipping guitars for years and know how to ship it. If you are shipping a guitar yourself, then you just need to make sure the guitar is packed correctly and you won’t have anything to worry about.

How do I ship a guitar FedEx?

Follow these steps to get your shipment ready to take to a FedEx Office location.

  1. Loosen guitar strings. …
  2. Secure guitar in a case. …
  3. Pack and ship at a FedEx Office location. …
  4. Or pack and ship without visiting a FedEx Office location.

What can’t you post in Australia?

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending to Australia

  • Any shipment that is from, or travelled through, Somalia, Egypt or Bangladesh.
  • Meat products of any description.
  • Paintball guns and paintballs.
  • Shipments that are multiple packages from multiple suppliers amalgamated into a single shipment.

Is it illegal to send cash in the mail in Australia?

Australia Post is warning people not to send cash through the mail. … An Australia Post spokeswoman says theft of mail and tampering with mail is a federal offence and recommends customers send money orders not cash.

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Can I send mobile phone through Australia Post?

Incorrect. Australia Post can’t accept lithium batteries or devices containing them for mailing overseas or for domestic air carriage. These can only be transported within Australia by road transport. You have to ask for a ‘Ground Transport Only’ sticker to put on your parcel.

How much does it cost to ship a guitar from UK to US?

And insurance is on top of that. There must be another way to ship guitars from overseas, and there must be someone on this forum who has an answer. A couple of UK stores are quoting 60 British pounds (about $100) to ship to US.

How much does it cost to ship a guitar pedal?

Usually it costs about $8 for a normal size pedal. A large pedal should be around $13-15. USPS considers large packages anything over 12 inches, try to make sure you don’t go over that or the price increases. $100 insurance is included, after that its on the buyer to pay for.

How do you fly with a guitar?

5 Must-Know Tips for Flying with Your Guitar

  1. Check with the Airline Instrument Policy.
  2. Loosen the Strings.
  3. Invest In a Guitar Case.
  4. Consider a Smaller Body Shape for Traveling.
  5. Book Your Seat in the Front or Rear Depending on Boarding Policy.
  6. Know the Laws.

How do you ship a guitar in a gig bag?

Wrap the guitar before it goes in the bag (plastic bags are fine) to protect the finish. Bubble wrap around the gigbag. I just got a guitar shipped in a gigbag, and the shipper used a ton of packing peanuts rather than newspaper or bubble wrap.

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