How long is a plane ride from New Zealand to Australia?

Fastest one-stop flight between Auckland and Sydney takes close to 6 hours . However, some airlines could take as long as 25 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration. This is the average non-stop flight time from Auckland to either of the major airports that serves Sydney.

How long does it take to fly from New Zealand to Australia?

The total flight duration from New Zealand to Australia is 5 hours, 32 minutes.

Can I fly out of Australia to New Zealand?

At the time of writing, Australians cannot enter New Zealand. Australia has instituted an overseas travel ban and there aren’t any definitive plans to lift it right now. … Only those with a travel exemption will be allowed into New Zealand, and subject to New Zealand’s entry requirements.

How far is New Zealand from Sydney Australia by plane?

Flying time from Sydney, Australia to New Zealand

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The total flight duration from Sydney, Australia to New Zealand is 3 hours, 11 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway.

Which country is the closest to Australia?

Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is the largest island – and one of the largest countries – in the world. Its closest neighbours are New Zealand to the east and Papua New Guinea to the north.

What is the closest country to NZ?

The closest country to New Zealand is Australia.

How much is a flight from Australia to New Zealand?

The cheapest flight price from Australia to New Zealand is $151. On average you can expect to pay $484. The most popular route, (Brisbane – Auckland Intl), can usually be booked for $470.

Do Australians need a visa for New Zealand?

Australian citizens and permanent residents can visit, work and live in New Zealand. You do not need a visa before you travel to New Zealand.

Which countries do not need visa for New Zealand?

Here’s a list of New Zealand visa waiver countries:

  • Andorra.
  • Argentina.
  • Austria.
  • Bahrain.
  • Belgium.
  • Brazil.
  • Brunei.
  • Bulgaria.

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How long is a flight to New Zealand?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to New Zealand takes 24h 50m, covering a distance of 7697 miles. The most popular route is Los Angeles – Auckland with an average flight time of 12h 55m.

What part of Australia is closest to New Zealand?

Closest point to Australia

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The closest point to mainland Australia and Tasmania is near the Resolution Island lighthouse at 45°44’S, 166°27’E (Fiordland), a distance of approximately 1,491 kilometres (926 mi) from a point near Tasman Island lighthouse 43°12’S, 148°E (Tasmania).

How far is Sydney to New Zealand?

The distance between Sydney and New Zealand is 2077 km.

Is Australia closer to UK or USA?

Geographically Australia is virtually the same distance from both the UK and USA at around 8500 miles – give or take a bit. Culturally and historically closer to the UK – although the ever pervasive USA influence is as strong there as in most places.

Which country is most culturally similar to Australia?

New Zealand is by far the most similar country to Australia. It was even asked to be one of Australia’s states when it formed. Both are former British colonies with similar politics and culture.

Which Australian city is closest to Singapore?

Cities in Australia and Oceania

Closest Australia and Oceania Cities KM
Adelaide, Australia 5,400
Melbourne, Australia 6,046
Brisbane, Australia 6,144
Gold Coast-Tweed, Australia 6,219
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