How many Australian soldiers fought in Kokoda?

About 56,000 Australians were at one time or another involved either in Papua or in sea or air operations there.

How many Australian soldiers died in Kokoda?

Approximately 625 Australians were killed along the Kokoda Trail and over 1,600 were wounded. Casualties due to sickness exceeded 4,000.

Who did Australia fight in Kokoda?

They defeated the Japanese, but Allied casualties were extremely high. Overall, more than 600 Australian troops died in fighting throughout the Kokoda operation, and more than 1600 were wounded. Over 4,000 soldiers suffered from tropical diseases.

What was the average age of Australian soldiers fighting in Kokoda?

More Australians died in the seven months of fighting in Papua, and the Japanese came closer to Australia, than in any other campaign. Many of those young Australians, whose average age was between 18 and 19, now lie buried at the Bomana War Cemetery outside Port Moresby.

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What battalions fought at Kokoda?

Battle of Kokoda
Units involved
Maroubra Force 39th Infantry Battalion South Seas Detachment 144th Infantry Regiment
1st battle: 130–148 2nd battle: 430 1st battle: 200 2nd battle: 660

What stopped the Japanese from invading Australia?

The US naval victory at the battle of Midway, in early June 1942, removed the Japan’s capability to invade Australia by destroying its main aircraft carriers. This made it safe for Australia to begin to transfer military power to fight the Japanese in Australian Papua and New Guinea.

Why did the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels help Australia?

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels carried supplies to the front and escorted the wounded back, sometimes transporting stretchers under enemy fire and across mountainous terrain. Former Lieutenant Colonel Rick Moore, who helped build the memorial, said that their help was “critical” to the campaign.

How many Australians died in ww2?

When war came again, however, the nation’s response was firm—some 30,000 Australians died in World War II (1938–45), and 65,000 were injured. From early in the war, the Royal Australian Air Force was active in the defense of Britain.

Why is Kokoda significant to Australia?

The Kokoda Track marks the course of one of the most important battles for Australians in the Second World War. Between 21 July and 16 November 1942, the Australian Army halted the furthermost southward advance by Japanese forces in Papua New Guinea and then pushed the enemy back across the mountains.

Where were Australian troops sent in ww2?

One million Australians, both men and women, served in the Second World War – 500,000 overseas. They fought in campaigns against Germany and Italy in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, as well as against Japan in south-east Asia and the Pacific.

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Why was it so important for Australia to prevent the Japanese from reaching Port Moresby?

the Kokoda campaign saved Australia from possible invasion or from isolation – Port Moresby had a strong tactical position, it was highly important to prevent the Japanese from reaching it. … Port Moresby was an extremely important tactical position as it had an airfield.

What did the soldiers eat on the Kokoda Track?

Dehydrated mutton was also a standard ration and was considered one of the finest foods of the campaign. During the Kokoda campaign rations were scarce because all supplies were unloaded at Port Moresby from a single wharf that was ill-equipped to handle the volume of cargo and was subject to frequent air attack.

How close did the Japanese get to Port Moresby?

On 17 September, the Japanese had reached the village of Ioribaiwa, just 30 kilometres (20 mi) from the Allied airdrome at Port Moresby. The Australians held firm and began their counterdrive on 26 September.

What weapons were used in the Kokoda campaign?


  • 1 Rifles. 1.1 Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III* 1.2 Arisaka Type 38.
  • 2 Submachine Guns. 2.1 M1928A1 Thompson. 2.2 M1A1 Thompson. 2.3 Owen Submachine Gun.
  • 3 Machine Guns. 3.1 Bren Gun. 3.2 Lewis Gun. 3.3 Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun. 3.4 Type 99 Light Machine Gun.
  • 4 Sidearms. 4.1 Webley Mk IV.
  • 5 Grenades. 5.1 Mills Bomb.

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How did the Kokoda Track affect Australia?

The Kokoda Trail had taken a heavy toll of the men on both sides who were engaged in the fighting. More than 600 Australian lives had been lost, and over a thousand sustained wounds in battle; perhaps as many as three times the number of combat casualties had fallen ill during the campaign.

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Who won the battle of isurava?

Battle of Isurava
Date 26–31 August 1942 Location Territory of Papua 8°59′10.4″S 147°44′08.0″E Result Japanese victory
Australia Japan
Commanders and leaders
Going to Sydney