What is the most northerly point in Australia?

FEATURE Cape York (Cape York Peninsula, Queensland)
LATITUDE 10° 41′ 21″ S
LONGITUDE 142° 31′ 50″ E

What is the northernmost point of Australia?

Cape York, northernmost point of the Australian continent, comprising the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula, in the state of Queensland. The cape juts north-northeast from the peninsula into Torres Strait, which separates it from the island of New Guinea.

What is the furthest point from the sea in Australia?

Population: 45

Eromanga is located approx 108km west of Quilpie and has the claim to fame of being the ‘furthest town from the sea’ in Australia.

What is the farthest point north?

The northernmost point on Earth is the Geographic North Pole, in the Arctic Ocean. The northernmost point on land is the northern tip of Kaffeklubben Island, north of Greenland (83°40′N 29°50′W), which lies slightly north of Cape Morris Jesup, Greenland ( 83°38′N 32°40′W).

What is the most easterly point of Australia?

Cape Byron is the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia, located in New South Wales. It is about 3 km (1.9 mi) east of the town of Byron Bay, New South Wales and projects into the Pacific Ocean at 28.6335° S, 153.6383° E.

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What is the most southern city in Australia?

The most southerly point on the Australian mainland, South Point is located at the tip of Wilsons Promontory National Park near Tidal River in Victoria.

How long is Australia from top to bottom?

Australia is approximately 3860 kilometres long from its most northerly point to its most southerly point in Tasmania, and is almost 4000 kilometres wide, from east to west.

What place is furthest from the sea?

Southeast of the village – at grid reference SK253144 – is Church Flatts Farm, which is calculated by the Ordnance Survey to be the farthest point from the sea (at the mean low water line) in Great Britain. The location is Latitude: 52° 43.6′ N Longitude: 1° 37.2′ W.

What is the deepest point in North America?

The deepest known depression of this kind is the Mariana Trench, which lies east of the Mariana Islands in the western North Pacific Ocean; it reaches 11,034 metres (36,200 feet) at its deepest point.

Is Alaska or Hawaii further west?

The northernmost state is Alaska at Point Barrow (71 degrees 23 minutes north.) The westernmost state is also Alaska at Cape Wrangell on Attu Island (172 degrees 27 minutes east.) The southernmost state is Hawaii at Ka Lae (18 degrees 55 minutes north.)

What country is the farthest south?

The actual country that is farthest south is Chile. It’s long narrow spine extends down to the 56th degree.

Can you drive to the most southern point of Australia?

The closest point you can drive to is the Telegraph Saddle car park. From there it’s a 13km hike, following the dirt road, to the closest campsite to the Southern Point, called Roaring Meg. … The dirt road is well graded and could also be cycled, meaning you could turn the trek into a quick ride if you were so inclined.

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What is the most southern point of Western Australia?

Torbay Head, named by English navigator George Vancouver in 1792, is the southernmost point in Western Australia. To the east, visitors can see the peninsula of Torndirrup National Park which is abruptly terminated by Peak Head. South of peak head, over the Southern Ocean, lies Eclipse Island.

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