What school has the most students in Australia?

The Australian universities that have the highest numbers of undergraduate students are Monash University from Victoria with over 46,000 undergraduate students, second is RMIT University from Victoria with more than 45,000 undergraduate students, and third is Curtin University from Perth with approximately 36,000 …

What is the largest school in Australia?

Largest Victorian schools

No. School Student enrolment
1. Virtual School Victoria approx 4,000
2. Haileybury College 3,670
3. Wesley College, Melbourne 3,370
4. Caulfield Grammar School 3,315


School 2019 Ranking 2018 Ranking
James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford) 1 1
Conservatorium High School (Sydney) 2 Not in top 150
North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest) 3 2
Sydney Grammar School (Darlinghurst) 4 3

How many students are in a class in Australia?

Australian schools are among the finest in the world. See for yourself what makes an Australian education so valuable: Small class sizes (a maximum of 30 students in a class).

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What is the best high school in Australia 2020?

Top 10 Government/Selective Schools in 2020

No Overall Ranking Top 10 Government/Selective Schools
1 1 James Ruse Agricultural High School (Carlingford)
2 2 Baulkham Hills High School
3 3 North Sydney Boys High School (Crows Nest)
4 4 North Sydney Girls High School (Crows Nest)

What is the richest school in Australia?


  • Victoria: Geelong Grammar School – $42,792. …
  • Queensland: Brisbane Grammar School – $29,450. …
  • South Australia: Walford Anglican School for Girls – $27,409. …
  • Northern Territory: The Essington International School Darwin: $9,572. …
  • New South Wales: SCEGGS Darlinghurst – $41,090. …
  • Western Australia: …
  • ACT: …
  • Tasmania:

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Which state has the best education in Australia?

The ACT recorded the best scores well above the national average with 535 in reading, 515 in maths and 533 for science. Western Australia was next with 512 in reading, 500 in maths and 515 in science, followed by Victoria which recorded 511 for reading, 496 for maths and 507 for reading.

Which is the No 1 school in the world?

Rank University Location
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
2 Stanford University United States
3 Harvard University United States
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States

What is the smartest state in Australia?

And NSW students achieved the best mean results for numeracy. So there you have it. As a proud Sydney-sider it pains me to say this… but I think we all have to admit that Victoria is Australia’s smartest state. You can read the full report on the NAPLAN website.

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What is the best private school in Australia?

Top 10 Private (Independent) High Schools in NSW:

  • Sydney Grammar School (Darlinghurst)
  • Reddam House (Woollahra)
  • Abbotsleigh (Wahroonga)
  • Meriden School (Strathfield)
  • Wenona School (North Sydney)
  • Kambala (Rose Bay)
  • Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney (Crydon)
  • Ascham School (Edgecliff)

Is there a Year 13 in Australia?

All Australian year 12 students will graduate in 2020 despite the interruption of Covid-19, after education ministers ruled out a “year 13” to complete their studies in 2021. … Australian universities are changing traditional admission policies to account for the disruption to year 12 students’ studies.

What age is Year 1 in Australia?


Year Ages School
Kindergarten 3–5 Preschool
Reception 5–6 Primary
Grade or Year 1 6–7
Grade or Year 2 7–8

Where is Australia ranked in education?

Australia has been ranked 39 out of 41 high and middle-income countries in achieving quality education, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Which is the best high school in the world?

World’s Top 100 Private High Schools

Rank Private High Schools Country
1 – 5 Trinity School US
5 – 10 Phillips Academy Andover US
5 – 10 Dalton School US
5 – 10 Roxbury Latin School US

What is the best primary school in Australia?

Top 100 Primary Schools

Rank School Name State
11 Sydney Grammar, Edgecliff NSW
22 Sydney Grammar, St Ives NSW
33 Abbotsleigh, Wahroonga NSW
44 St Aloysius’ College, Milsons Point NSW

What was the highest Atar in 2020?

About 50% of students scored an ATAR of least 70. This year, 48 students – 15 girls and 33 boys – received the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. The overall median ATAR was 70.15, but boys fell slightly short at 68.7.

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