When was the last black death in custody in Australia?

When was the last Aboriginal death in custody?

As Australian census and prison statistics include both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the counts have included both groups, as Indigenous Australians. Deaths have continued since 1991: between 1991 and June 2020 there have been at least 437 Indigenous deaths in custody (both prison and police).

How many Aboriginal deaths in custody occurred in 2019?

This rate reflects the disproportionately high number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody. 3.2 The disproportion in the rate of death was the highest in South Australia (31.7) followed by Victoria (18.8), New South Wales (17.0), Queensland (16.8), Northern Territory (7.7) and Tasmania (2.8).

What is the main cause of Aboriginal deaths in custody?

Cause of death

The majority of Indigenous prison deaths from 1991–92 to 2015–16 were due to natural causes (58%; n=140), followed by hanging (32%; n=78; Table A1). Twelve deaths (5%) were due to drugs and/or alcohol and nine (4%) were due to external trauma.

What percentage of Australia is Aboriginal?

Indigenous population

In 2016, an estimated 798,365 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were in Australia, representing 3.3% of the total Australian population (ABS 2018b). The Indigenous population is projected to reach about 1.1 million people by 2031 (ABS 2019).

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How many aboriginal died in custody?

At least seven Aboriginal people have died in police and prison custody, and yet more previously unreported deaths have come to light. Two of those deaths were police shootings, both resulting in murder charges currently before the courts.

How many Aboriginal were killed in Australia?

After European settlers arrived in 1788, thousand of aborigines died from diseases; colonists systematically killed many others. At first contact, there were over 250,000 aborigines in Australia. The massacres ended in the 1920 leaving no more than 60,000.

Are there any full blooded aboriginal peoples left 2020?

There are no official or accurate figures kept on full bloods. The official census and other questionnaires simply rely on someone, without any substantiation, just ticking a box saying they are an aborigine or a Torres Strait Islander but it never asked whether that person is a full blood or only a part blood.

Are there any full blooded aboriginal peoples left?

So, today, out of a population of hundreds of thousands at the time of white settlement, there are only 47,000 full-blooded Aborigines left in Australia.

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