Where can I go shark diving in Australia?

RedBalloon offers shark cage diving experience in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The Great White Shark observing in their natural habitat experience is the perfect cage dive in Australia. You’ll experience the wonder of the legendary Great White Sharks in their natural habitat in this once in a lifetime adventure.

Where can you dive with sharks in Australia?

There are Whale Sharks in Ningaloo, Grey Nurse Sharks in Northern Beaches and of course the Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia where you can dive with Great Whites.

How much is shark diving in Australia?

Neptune Islands, South Australia $3300 Per Diver (Three Nights) Australian Rodney Fox is credited with pioneering great white cage diving some four decades ago.

How much does it cost to go cage diving with sharks?

We stop at nothing to make sure you have a safe and successful day of shark diving. These trips are designed for both experienced shark divers and novices looking to see their first shark. No experience is needed and all gear is provided. Cost: $300 per person, up to 6 guests per trip.

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Where can you go diving with sharks?

Shark Diving: The 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

  1. Bajo Alcyone – Cocos Island, Costa Rica. …
  2. Monad Shoal – Malapascua, Philippines. …
  3. Gordon Rocks – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. …
  4. Tiger Beach – Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas. …
  5. Pipín – Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. …
  6. Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. …
  7. Shark Dive – Beqa Lagoon, Fiji. …
  8. Gladden Spit Whale Shark Dive – Placencia, Belize.

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What is the most dangerous beach in Australia?

Tamarama Beach – Australia

As a result, there are about 150 rescues each year, the highest number in Sydney’s southern beaches. It is said to be the most dangerous patrolled beach in all of Australia.

Do you get great white sharks in Australia?

In Australia, Great Whites have been recorded from Moreton Bay in Queensland, around the south coast of Australia, and over to West Cape in Western Australia. There are many projects underway to monitor them to hopefully find out more about these mysterious creatures.

Where is the best shark cage diving?

Here are 10 travel spots with some of the best shark cage diving experiences.

  1. 1 North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.
  2. 2 Pacific Beach, San Diego. …
  3. 3 Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. …
  4. 4 Isla Mujeres, Mexico. …
  5. 5 Neptune Islands, South Australia. …
  6. 6 Farallon Islands, California. …
  7. 7 Cocos Island, Costa Rica. …
  8. 8 Tiger Beach, Bahamas. …

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Where can you see great white sharks in Australia?

White sharks occur in coastal, shelf, and continental slope waters around Australia from the Montebello Islands in north-western Western Australia, south around the coast to at least as far north as central Queensland including Tasmanian waters.

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Can you swim with great white sharks without a cage?

Great whites are one of the only species of shark you cannot swim with through commercial tour operators without a cage.

Can sharks smell my period?

A shark’s sense of smell is powerful – it allows them to find prey from hundreds of yards away. Menstrual blood in the water could be detected by a shark, just like any urine or other bodily fluids. In fact, there is no positive evidence that menstruation is a factor in shark attacks.

Has anyone died shark diving?

No human has ever died by shark attack in a shark cage diving accident, making many believe shark cage diving is safe. The closest to death anyone has come – on record – to death during a cage dive with a shark was in 2005 when a British tourist in South Africa was attacked by a great white while in a cage.

How dangerous is shark cage diving?

Since 2000 (2000-2017), there was an average of 65 shark attacks each year worldwide, and only 5 of them were fatal. These numbers include attacks on scuba divers, swimmers, surfers, etc. None of these attacks have happened to white shark cage divers, for reasons that are obvious, shark cage diving is safe.

What is the most dangerous shark?

1. Great White Shark. The subject of the film Jaws, the great white shark is responsible for the most recorded unprovoked shark attacks at 326. 52 of these attacks were fatal.

Where is the best place to see sharks?

Scientists Spill About the Best Places to See Sharks Around the World

  • To see: Whale Sharks. Go to: Madagascar, Mexico, and Mozambique.
  • To see: Basking Sharks.
  • Go to: The United Kingdom.
  • To see: Pelagic Thresher Sharks.
  • Go to: Malapascua, Philippines.
  • To see: Great White Sharks.
  • Go to: Gansbaai, South Africa.
  • To see: Bull Sharks.
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How old do you have to be to go diving with sharks?

Only children 12 years or older will be allowed into the cage, and only if a parent accompanies them. Parents will have to vouch that their child has previous snorkeling experience and is comfortable in an aquatic environment. You will be asked to sign additional liability waivers for those under 18 years old.

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