Which airlines fly to Vietnam from Australia?

Airline Cheapest On-time
Thai Airways $329 77%
China Southern $346 69%
Cathay Pacific $434 72%
Virgin Australia $416 80%

Are there any flights from Australia to Vietnam?

Direct flights to Vietnam are available from both Melbourne and Sydney with Jetstar and Vietnam Airlines. Other airlines such as Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Scoot and Singapore Airlines, offer 1-stop flights to Vietnam from various airports across Australia.

What airlines fly direct to Vietnam?

Korean Air flights Vietnam Airlines flights
ANA (All Nippon Airways) flights Singapore Airlines flights
Cathay Pacific flights United flights
Asiana Airlines flights Turkish Airlines flights
Qatar Airways flights China Eastern flights

What airlines fly direct from Sydney to Vietnam?

The major Australian and Asian airlines operate cheap flights to Ho Chi Minh from Sydney, including Qantas, Air Asia, Scoot, Jetstar, Thai Airways, and Cathay Pacific. There are several direct Sydney to Ho Chi Minh flights each day, getting you to Vietnam in under nine hours.

Does Qantas fly direct to Vietnam?

Flights to Vietnam | Qantas AU. Get ideas for your next trip or tick something off your travel bucket list.

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How long is the flight to Vietnam from Australia?

An average direct flight from Australia to Vietnam takes 24h 27m, covering a distance of 6680 km. The most popular route is Sydney – Ho Chi Minh City with an average flight time of 8h 50m.

How much is a flight from Australia to Vietnam?

On average you can expect to pay $1,049 for a flight from Australia to Vietnam. The cheapest flight overall is $207 while the most popular route, (Melbourne – Ho Chi Minh City) is currently priced at $688.

Is Vietnam poor or rich?

Vietnam’s shift from a centrally planned to a market economy has transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world into a lower middle-income country. Vietnam now is one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia region.

What is the best airline to fly to Vietnam?

To have an awesome Vietnam tour or holiday, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and Vietjet Air are absolutely top choices.

  • Vietnam Airlines. Vietnam Airlines is one of the prestigious airlines in Vietnam. …
  • Jetstar Pacific Airlines. Jetstar Pacific Airlines. …
  • Vietjet Air. Vietjet Air.

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What month is the cheapest to fly to Vietnam?

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Vietnam is August.

How far is it from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City?

Distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Sydney is approximately 6840 kilometers.

How long is the flight to Thailand from Sydney?

Airports in Thailand

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Direct flights to Thailand from Australia’s east coast cities such as Sydney and Brisbane take roughly nine and a half hours and Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is the most common point of arrival.

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