Who is the deputy leader of the Australian Labour party?

Anthony Albanese is the leader of the federal Labor party, serving since 30 May 2019. The deputy leader is Richard Marles, also serving since 30 May 2019.

Who is the current deputy leader of the Labour party?

Deputy leader of the Labour Party (UK)

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party
Incumbent Angela Rayner since 4 April 2020
Reports to Leader of Labour
Appointer Labour Party
Inaugural holder John Robert Clynes

Who is the shadow deputy prime minister?

List of Shadow Ministers and Secretaries

Shadow Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Term of Office
Office not in use from June 2016 to June 2017.
Emily Thornberry 5 April 2020
Angela Rayner Present

What does Tanya Plibersek do?


Where did Tanya Plibersek attend school?

Таня Плиберсек/ОбразованиеShe attended Oyster Bay Public School and Jannali Girls High School, where she was the dux. She joined the Labor Party at the age of 15. Plibersek studied journalism at the University of Technology Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.
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Who is current Labour leader?

Leaders of the Labour Party (1906–present)

No. Leader (birth–death) Left office
18 Jeremy Corbyn (b. 1949) 4 April 2020
19 Keir Starmer (b. 1962) Incumbent

Do shadow cabinet ministers get paid?

Although the salary and benefits paid from the public treasury to shadow ministers remain the same as for a backbencher, some opposition parties provide an additional stipend in addition to the salary they receive as legislators while many at least reimburse shadow ministers for any additional expenses incurred that …

Who is shadow leader of the House?

Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
Incumbent Valerie Vaz since 6 October 2016
Appointer Leader of the Opposition
Website The Shadow Cabinet

Who sits on the front bench in Parliament?

Ministers and shadow ministers sit on the front row of the seats in either the Senate or the House of Representatives. That is why they are referred to as frontbenchers. Backbenchers are members of parliament who are not ministers or shadow ministers; they sit in the rows of seats behind the frontbench.

Is Jess Phillips in the shadow cabinet?

Appointment to the Shadow Cabinet

Phillips was appointed by Keir Starmer to serve as Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, a position in the Shadow Home Office, on 9 April 2020. It is the first time she has served on the frontbench.

Who is the federal member for Sydney?

Hon Tanya Plibersek MP – Parliament of Australia.

Who is Tanya Plibersek married to?

Michael Coutts-Trotter

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