Your question: What airlines are flying from Australia to USA?

Airline Cheapest
Delta $360 Search Delta flights
China Airlines $856 Search China Airlines flights
Japan Airlines $858 Search Japan Airlines flights
Singapore Airlines $865 Search Singapore Airlines flights

Which airlines are flying from Australia?

In this article:

  • Qantas.
  • Virgin Australia.
  • Air Canada.
  • Air New Zealand.
  • Air Niugini.
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  • British Airways.
  • Cathay Pacific.

Is United flying out of Australia?

PREVIOUS [March 21, 2020] United Airlines will cease flying to Australia this week, with the closure of routes to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston until at least May 3, 2020. …

Is Qantas still flying to USA?

The chances of Qantas resuming its popular transpacific flights to North America were setback last week after the Australian airline blocked bookings until the end of October 2021.

Are there flights from Sydney to USA?

Jetstar, Qantas Airways, and American Airlines can get you from Sydney to USA in just under 9h 30m. Your travel time will be generally consistent. Generally, flights for this route are direct.

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Is Melbourne airport open for international flights?

International arrivals are currently paused arriving into Melbourne. We suggest checking with your airline prior to any travel arrangements. Melbourne Airport is also accepting international flights from New Zealand, part of a one-way travel bubble arrangement.

Is Singapore Airlines flying out of Australia?

We operate to Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Where does United fly from Australia?


Country City Airport
Australia Brisbane Brisbane Airport
Cairns Cairns Airport
Melbourne Melbourne Airport
Sydney Sydney Airport

What airlines are flying to us?

Direct from United States

Delta flights AirChoiceOne flights
Southwest Airlines flights LATAM Airlines Group flights
United flights Alaska Seaplane flights
Alaska Airlines flights Bering Air flights
jetBlue flights Southern Airways Express flights

What happens if United Airlines cancels a flight?

If you speak with an agent at the airport or at our United Customer Contact Center, you can cancel your trip. Then, you can obtain a refund to your original form of payment for any unused flights by going here. We’ll be sad to see you go though.

Where does Qantas fly in the USA?

Book your flight to the USA with Qantas, flying to Hawaii, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

How long is the flight from Australia to America?

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Australia to United States, It takes 16.85 hours to arrive.

What airlines fly from Sydney to USA?

Airlines including United Airlines, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, American Airlines and Qantas all offer Sydney to Los Angeles return flights; some routes are even direct and take less than 14 hours.

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Does Emirates fly to America from Australia?

Emirates flights from Sydney to United States

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How much are flights from Australia to America?

Cheap Flights from Sydney, Australia to United States, from $1,090 Round trip from SYD to US.

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